Edit: Jan.7/2016

I've noticed that this tutorial page is the most popular one on my site.  If you have a suggestion on a tutorial you'd like me to make, please let me know.

When I started compositing, it really wasn't necessary to have to learn anything about 3D.  This is no longer the case, in fact, I would say that understanding 3D space is one of the core concepts that a compositor should master.

In this video I go over the following topics:

  • 3D Tracking
  • Creating a dense point cloud with the Point Cloud Generator
  • Creating a mesh from that dense point cloud
  • Using that mesh as a guide to place a card.  In this shot, we could just project on to that geometry, but the automatically generated mesh is pretty heavy.  Projecting on to a simple card will hopefully lead to a faster comp.
  • Projecting on to the card
  • Once we have a texture on the card, we need to roto around the bear's head.  In this situation, we can use the Reconcile 3D node to generate very accurate 2D paths that we can attach to our rotos.