POP Forces in FLIP Fluids

I did a quick test adding POP Forces to a FLIP simulation.  It's cool how easy this is to set up in Houdini.  I should have made the container bigger, as you can see the particles disappear when they hit the edges.

I have to say that rendering in  Mantra still confuses me.  The later frames were taking close to 3 hours to render...

Still, the simulation itself only took about half an hour to set up.

Whitewater test

Just tried another simple fluid sim, but I'm trying to experiment a bit with the Whitewater settings.  Instead of rendering as a volume, I'm trying to render the points as just points, although with a highly reflective material on it.


I'm not totally happy with it.  I do think it looks cool when there's a ton of spray happening, but I'm not happy with how it looks when there's just a few particles shooting out.  Still, this is pretty much Houdini out of the box, so I can't complain.  Took about 15 hours to render, the sim itself went really fast.