Nuke news from the FXGuide live stream

FX Guide is running an awesome live stream from the floor of NAB.  First thing they showed was a demonstration of a Nuke-Hiero workflow.  Some of my notes:

  • No timelines on any of this, it's a tech demo.
  • Jon Wadelton stared in Hiero
  • Embedded Nuke in Hiero.  This was unbelievable, basically you had Hiero's timeline in Nuke (or vice-versa).
  • Drag and drop footage from Hiero bins to Nuke DAG
  • No rendering, a live link from one to the other.  Make a change in Nuke and see it right away in the Hiero timeline.
  • It looks like one program, the Nuke DAG is just a tab in Hiero, tight integration.
  • You can now type text in viewer.
  • There are new color pickers.
  • There are now per-character text controls.
  • Switch versions of Nuke comp in Hiero.  So you could be looking at v001 and then switch to the v002 version of a Nuke comp, all in the Hiero timeline.
  • Nuke comps are just external comps, not bundled in a weird Hiero file.
  • fTrack-asset management built in
  • Make notes in Hiero, can see notes in Nuke, all web based, so would be idea for remote workers.
  • New color matcher tool
  • UV editor ModelBuilder
  • Color tools improved in general-UI polishing
  • working on vectorscopes
  • Houdini and VRay are working on being able to render deep image

You can check the live feed at FXGuide.