Nuke news from the FXGuide live stream

FX Guide is running an awesome live stream from the floor of NAB.  First thing they showed was a demonstration of a Nuke-Hiero workflow.  Some of my notes:

  • No timelines on any of this, it's a tech demo.
  • Jon Wadelton stared in Hiero
  • Embedded Nuke in Hiero.  This was unbelievable, basically you had Hiero's timeline in Nuke (or vice-versa).
  • Drag and drop footage from Hiero bins to Nuke DAG
  • No rendering, a live link from one to the other.  Make a change in Nuke and see it right away in the Hiero timeline.
  • It looks like one program, the Nuke DAG is just a tab in Hiero, tight integration.
  • You can now type text in viewer.
  • There are new color pickers.
  • There are now per-character text controls.
  • Switch versions of Nuke comp in Hiero.  So you could be looking at v001 and then switch to the v002 version of a Nuke comp, all in the Hiero timeline.
  • Nuke comps are just external comps, not bundled in a weird Hiero file.
  • fTrack-asset management built in
  • Make notes in Hiero, can see notes in Nuke, all web based, so would be idea for remote workers.
  • New color matcher tool
  • UV editor ModelBuilder
  • Color tools improved in general-UI polishing
  • working on vectorscopes
  • Houdini and VRay are working on being able to render deep image

You can check the live feed at FXGuide.

NAB Nuke news slowly leaking out

If you follow the right people on Twitter, you may have found out some interesting Nuke news yesterday.  Twitter user NEO_AMIGA (Henrik Cednert) had some great info:

Brad Peebler posted a video of the Nuke/modo/Hiero integration here:

Very interesting times, especially considering the Adobe/C4D announcement last week. This sort of deep integration is exactly what I was hoping for, I'm crossing my fingers that the modo renderer will be included in Nuke...  FXGuide is doing a ton of live broadcasting from NAB today, here's hoping that more details leak out (with release dates).


-I'm not up on the latest gossip for NAB this year.  I'm hoping that some news leaks out from Adobe and The Foundry's next offerings.

-Adobe released a video about The History (and Future) of Rotoscoping.  If you watch it to the end, you'll see a crazy preview of a new tool that'll be released in the next version (I would assume, otherwise why would they show it).  While it looks amazing, I won't get excited until I play with it myself.  I've been around too long to believe demo footage like that.

-The Foundry put out a press release about their presence at NAB.  At the end it goes "

In addition to our guest speakers, there will be daily presentations by The Foundry covering all the news from the latest product releases -plus a very exciting peek into the future of NUKE."  If any readers can find out anything cool, I'd love to hear it.  Sounds like their booth will be filled with very interesting presentations.