Nature of Code

I've often complained about the way that I was taught math.  When I was in school, I really couldn't understand the relevance of a lot of the formulas we were supposed to memorize.  I can clearly remember talking to my friends, wondering why we were being taught coordinate systems and logarithmic math.  Which makes it all the more ironic that I deal with these things almost every day when I'm comping.   

Now that I'm older and hopefully wiser, I really try to learn anything that can help me do my job faster.  Comp tips and tricks are great, but I have pretty substantial gaps in my basic understanding of math, which is kind of the basis of everything we do in Visual Effects.  

So it's great when you can stumble upon a resource that can fill in those knowledge gaps.  The guy who wrote The Nature of Code has put up a Vimeo channel full of math/graphics related lectures.  I really like these videos, he explains things pretty clearly, and a lot of the concepts are universal, no matter what application you're trying to learn.  So far I'm up to the part where he talks about Vector Math, which will be very helpful when I'm trying to wrap my head around VOPS in Houdini.

FX Townhall Meeting

-They recorded the FX Townhall Meeting and put it up on YouTube.

If you can't watch all 2.5 hours of it, FX Guide has a nice roundup of the events.

-Houdini 12.5 and Mari 2 were released yesterday.  You can see details here and here.

-I came across a fantastic math talk yesterday.  After watching it, I got mad (again) about the way math is taught in school.  Highly recommended: