New Tutorial-Nuke Basics:Shuffle and Shuffle Copy

I put out a new tutorial today, how to use Shuffle and the ShuffleCopy node in Nuke.  I often see beginning compositors having issues with this node because of the confusing (at first) UI, but once you start using it, it's pretty easy to wrap your head around it.  You can check it out here:

New Tutorial Lens Distortion in Nuke

Lens Distortion Tutorial

Lens Distortion Tutorial

I put out a new tutorial today, all about lens distortion in Nuke.  There are lot of tutorials about how to use the Lens Distortion node out on the internet already, but this one (I hope) is a bit different.  The main focus is not how to take out or add in distortion, but more of a look at the overall workflow.  When do you apply distortion, how do you add it back in and how would you apply this to your renders are some of the questions I try to answer.

You can check it out here.