So, Siggraph came and went.  I was refreshing FXGuide's website and checking Twitter to see if there was any compositing/Nuke news to come out.  

I couldn't find anything.  No whispers or hints on what's to come from the new version.

But then, during my searching I found this: 


This is just about exactly what I've been waiting for.  It's a bridge so that you can work in Maya or Mari and see the results in Modo's renderer.  It's pretty amazing, I'm blown away. 

Modo renderer hooking into Mari

The crazy thing is that this sort of functionality is the sort of thing that you'd pay money for, like a version update sort of thing.  It's free.  Unbelievable.   I just got it up and running this afternoon, and I'm pretty amazed with what I'm seeing.  Big thanks to Jacobo Barreiro for developing this and giving it away.