The Emmy nominations]were announced yesterday.  It was with great pride that I saw Vikings nominated for Best Visual Effects in a Supporting Role.   Here's the official credit list:




An Octagon and Take 5 production in association with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for History

Dennis Berardi, Visual Effects Supervisor

Julian Parry, Visual Effects Supervisor

Bill Halliday, Visual Effects Producer

Wilson Cameron, Visual Effects Producer

Dominic Remane, Digital Effects Supervisor

Jim Maxwell, Matte Painting Lead

Ovidiu Cinazan, Compositing Lead

Maria Gordon, Compositing Lead

Mike Borrett, Visual Effects Production Manager

I worked with Maria Gordon and Bill Halliday every day, so I'm really happy to see their work be recognized.  Vikings was a great experience for me, one of the best in my visual effects career.

I'll be going back next week to start on season two.  I'm very much looking forward to it.

There was another show nominated, The Borgias:

The Borgias

The Prince


Showtime Presents in association with Take 5 Productions and Octagon Films

Wojciech Zielinski, Visual Effects Supervisor

JP Giamos, Visual Effects Producer

Gabor Kiszelly, Special Effects Supervisor

James Chretien, Lighting Supervisor

Ahmed Shehata, CG Supervisor

Chris Ankli, 3D Artist

Jordan Nieuwland, Lead Matte Painter

Adrian Sutherland, Lead Digital Compositor

Amanda Lynn Hollingworth, Digital Compositor

When I saw this list, I was really happy.  Adrian Sutherland, the lead compositor, was one of my students in 2010.

This is one of the joys of teaching.  It's my hope that my students go on and thrive in the industry.  I'm very proud of Adrian and the fantastic work he's done.  His Vimeo page is here and his website is here.