Modo Practice

I've always been fairly weak at modeling.  Usually I just play around until I get something passable, but I've never really learned the basics. 

I was listening to the latest Modo podcast, and they mentioned a great YouTube channel here.   Peter Stammbach has posted about a hundred modeling tutorials, just what I needed.  I'm going to try to work through as many of his tutorials as I can to see if I can pick up his methods.  I've already learned a couple of things and I've just started. 

I can't help but think that The Foundry will announce Nuke 7.1 at Siggraph.  I'm hoping that they'll talk about more of the integration between their products that we saw hints of at NAB.  I would love the Modo renderer to find it's way into more of their products.  Nuke, Mari and Katana are natural fits.