-Economist says NDP's 'corporate welfare' for film industry won't save jobs.

-Just what we need, another VFX Town Hall Meeting.  We could use less talk, more action.

-Awesome TED talk about Grit being the key to success.

Her talk rings very true to me.  Way back in high school, I was not the most talented artist, but I worked very hard at it.  I was a very average (probably below average) compositor when I first started, but because I also had a job as a teacher, I had to learn more about the areas that I didn't understand (very much like her 'focused practice').  I continuously did this for years; learning new techniques, practicing what I learned at my studio job, teaching what I learned to my students.

After 11 years of doing this, I finally feel pretty comfortable with compositing.  But it was a long road filled with head-banging frustration along the way.