Steven Soderburgh's State of Cinema talk, ILM in London, more...

-Interesting Maya script that will extract lighting from an HDRI.

-Dreamworks continues to push into China.

-The full text of Steven Soderburgh's State of Cinema talk.  The full video was posted online as well.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 7.21.27 AM.png

-Looks like ILM will be opening an office in London.  If you go to their job posting website, the UK is a drop down choice.

-Hollywood Reporter takes a look at the state of Matte Painting.

-Interesting article about finding talent.

-Pinewood will be opening a studio near Atlanta.

-Anushka's Rudramadevi- "Biggest highlight of the film will be the visual effects. We are making efforts to make it on par with Hollywood standards"

-Canon released an update to the 5D Mark III.  FX Guide has the details.

-Huge personel cuts at Cinesite.

-Pixomondo closes it's Berlin office.

-It's always nice to hear that your industry is 'crumbling'.

-Post a pic online?  Forget about ownership of it.

-UK Chancellor pushes for more UK tax credits in the creative industries.

-Report says Louisiana tax credits have a negative impact for the state.

-FMX report from Animation Magazine.