VFX news from around the world

-Very interesting talk by Pixar's Ed Catmull about managing and running Pixar.

-Rick McCallum (producer of the Star Wars prequels) sums up a huge issue in VFX 

-Based on the strength of the UK's tax incentives, Double Negative is launching a TV division.  Their first project will be "The Vatican" on Showtime.

-There's a Kindle book for VFX producers

-Pixomondo will be doing the VFX for Jiang Wen's film "Gone WIth Bullets" less than a month after it closed it's Shanghai studio.

-The European Commission investigates games subsidies.

-Hong Kong VFX company PixelBox expands into Shanghai

-Capcom says that excessive outsourcing resulted in a decline in quality, which lead to lower sales.