Oh boy...

-More jobs to China.  This is a big one.

-Hollywood Reporter article

-Don Ankleer has an article about VFX and the Chinese Connection.

-This is making the rounds on Twitter, a study by the "Center on Budget and Policy Priorities".  Even though it's a few years old, it makes a series of compelling points.

-Another old article (it's new to me...).  Steps that the UK take to add cultural awareness of their VFX industry, a VFX Festival.

-You can donate to VFX Solidarity by buying a T-Shirt.

-Cool site about Photoshop Etiquette.  I should make a site about comp etiquette... or maybe I need one ;)

-Interesting article about subsidies.  It's about the disaster with 38 Studios in Rhode Island, but it's applicable to VFX.