Rhythm and Hues

I follow Brian Tatosky on Twitter.  He use to work at Rhythm and Hues (over 14 years!) and had a lot of great tweets about the situation:

I'll just quote the rest instead of embedding each individual Tweet:

"So you might want to consider how well the boogeyman of a Union driving VFX from CA is working out, seeing R&H go from 450 to 0 artists.  The offshoring ship is already sailing *now*, regardless of anything workers are doing in the US.  
As for R&H, the international people we trained will have to continue the quality of work, but more importantly the quality of treatment of artists that R&H LA started, & if that means organizing to protect themselves, they’d benefit from US VFX unions
The boogeyman of offshoring is irrelevant. We can protect what’s left regardless.
l will be able to get to or continue high quality work on, I hope the high quality of artist treatment  continues as I saw the slippery slope of taking advantage of them start in the last years of R&H. #vfx
The same people massively underbidding jobs had no hesitation assigning “extra hours” to the non-OT paid crews.  #vfx
They paid for productions’ incompetence, in weeks of 80 hours, shamefully asked for, yet generously giving by hard workers. #vfx
The answer to every bid session a producer said “This is a lot more than we charged the client” was to grind it from overseas. #vfx
Now that layers of buffer between productions and overseas are gone, I hope they protect themselves. Because we in LA didn’t. #vfx
We thought we were above organizing; we believed our own BS, and thought we’d escape what clearly was going down for years. #vfx
And when it was in R&H’s interest to hide the truth from us about how bad it was, we got left holding the bag. #vfx
As plenty of people have before me, as you probably will after me. #vfx
It was 70-30 studios' fault versus R&H's.  The 30% R&H *could* fix is what made me the most mad. #vfx
"How can we be more efficient?"  
"Schedule labor better, limit OT"
"We can't do that"
Then why do you ask every week?  #vfx
If you're going to have proprietary #vfx software, it better be *loads* better than off the shelf, especially factoring time for #vfx artists to get proficient in it.  Sadly, a lot of ours was got further behind as we understaffed
Outdated paint & comp software=more overtime to do the same #vfx thing.  But we were told *we* had to made the case with data for something else."