Lots of Interesting links

-Cool website, www.wolfcrow.com.  All about workflows for film makers.  Some good articles on there.

-Nice short video explaining the new features coming in the next version of After Effects.

-Another short video showing the new 'deblur' that's coming in the next version of Photoshop:

This tech was shown a few years ago at the 2011 Adobe MAX conference.  Very glad to see it making it's way into Photoshop.

-A sad post from Jason Iverson talking about Rhythm and Hues

-One of the best things as a VFX worker you can do is to share information about your salary.  Ask yourself, who benefits from keeping this a secret?  The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about this.

-Wired has a good article about the first digital generation (those born in 1993 and later).  The first wave of this generation is just starting to trickle into my classroom now.