Mari 2 and Houdini 12.5 to be announced today

A few things happening today.

Mari 2 will be announced today in a webinar.  I'm really hoping for two things:

  1. that Mari 2 will support OSX so that I can learn it at home.
  2. Mari 2 will go beyond 3D texture painting and support 2D image manipulation

Photoshop is a constant pain in the ass to work with in a VFX pipeline, so here's hoping that we can put it behind us.

SideFX put a not-so cryptic tweet out yesterday hinting that version 12.5 would be announced today as well.

Houdini 12.5?  Looks like it

Houdini 12.5?  Looks like it

The Digital Domain saga takes a sad turn, with Freelancers having to pay back some of the money they earned.

The FX 'Town Hall meetings' will take place today.  FXGuide has all the details, and apparently they'll be broadcast on YouTube.  Here's hoping some good comes out of these meetings.  I'll try to watch them, but with the time difference and long day I'm going to have today, it may be tricky.