Two things today...

Two things that I think are pretty cool/interesting.

First, Modo 701 has been announced by Luxology.  It'll be interesting to see what they come up with now that they've joined with The Foundry.  Modo was my favorite 3D package before the two companies merged together, and I've always thought highly of The Foundry, so I'm really curious to see what they come up with.  They've released a teaser video showing off the new particle system:

As expected, a lot of the new features are geared towards integrating Modo more into a visual effects pipeline.  A Linux version, as well as several improvements towards handling large scenes/datasets will go a long way towards Modo being possibly incorporated in some VFX shops.

The second thing is that there are going to be several VFX 'Townhall meetings'.  FX Guide, as usual, has all the details.