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I have developed strong expertise within 2D and 3D workflows through my employment as a digital compositor with industry-leaders in Ontario and Quebec. Through my 16 years as a compositor, my skills have developed such that I am now often called upon to problem solve and generate creative solutions to technically challenging shots. I have been a lead compositor on several productions, and I mentor junior artists. 

In addition to developing my technical and artistic skills, my dedication to training students and industry colleagues has also grown. As the coordinator of the VFX program at Canada’s largest college (Seneca College), I am responsible for curriculum development and implementation, management of teaching staff, and production of training materials. 

Recognizing the importance of providing my students with advanced instruction, I introduced Nuke into our curriculum in 2009, making Seneca the first college program in Canada to incorporate this software. I have also created over two hundred video-based tutorials incorporating screen captures and step-by-step instruction on a variety of topics such as compositing with Nuke, Digital Fusion and After Effects, rendering with V-Ray, match moving with PFTrack and Syntheyes and creating effects with Houdini. My use of creative training tools has been well-received and my students consistently provide excellent evaluation of my courses. 

My role as program coordinator has also provided me with experience liaising between Seneca College and industry contacts. I chair advisory committee meetings where industry representatives provide feedback on our graduates and curriculum. After noticing that information on the VFX program was lean on Seneca’s general institutional webpage, I took it upon myself to disseminate the program’s strengths and student profiles by creating the senecavfx.com website. 

My formal experience in facilitating industry training began after CORE Digital Pictures went out of business. After CORE abruptly closed, my compositing colleagues faced a changing and unfamiliar compositing landscape given that most local studios were now using Nuke. Recognizing their challenge, I invited my colleagues to a full day Nuke training session which I coordinated, designed, and facilitated. My colleagues’ positive feedback prompted me to take the steps to become the first Certified Nuke Trainer in Canada. Since then, I have also facilitated training sessions with Mr. X FX and Arc Productions. The tutorials that are posted on this blog have been well-received and combined YouTube and Vimeo views have topped 144,000. 

In addition to my production and teaching endeavours, I am also active within the Toronto VFX community. I have recently been appointed as president of the Toronto Nuke User Group. Last year, I organized two meetings in which I demonstrated topics including Deep Compositing, Nuke/Modo integration, and complex projection set-ups.  I serve on the boards of the Toronto Chapter of the Visual Effects Society, TAAFI (Toronto Animated Arts Festival International) and run the site Toronto VFX Jobs, which aims to be a comprehensive list of all the VFX jobs in the city.

While I've been teaching at Seneca, my students have went on to work on such films as Life of Pi, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Avengers, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, The Dark Knight Returns, Man of Steel, Hugo, X-Men: Days of Future Past and countless other feature films.

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